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Who is Steve Marshall?


Curiosity has been my driving force and has put me in more trouble that I care to admit.

I was born in Mississippi but spent my teenage years in Australia, where I had to unlearn many things. Been running ever since, having visited or worked in over forty countries so far. I was a software project manager with an MBA and a passport for over twenty years. Now I'm a writer living in Florida, but the wanderlust persists and the Caribbean is at my doorstep.


My writing focuses on crime thrillers from the criminal perspective. This has been my reaction to a lifetime of police stories where all criminals are always evil, and all psychopaths are serial killers. I prefer to take a contrarian viewpoint because desperate people do desperate acts, often criminal acts. The man who steals to feed his children, the wife who snaps after years of abuse and takes her revenge, the coke dealer who refuses to sell to the underage actor, the bank heist that turns deadly when someone gets greedy as they split up the cash. These are the stories that interest me. Good people doing bad things and bad people doing good things are far more interesting than the new FBI agent or the alcoholic veteran police detective trying to find the latest outrageous killer.


I also write science fiction satire. Some things are so absurd that they beg to be made fun of and it's all good if it's in a different galaxy. And I love to ask fundamental questions like 'How would a metric system for time work and would we still have enough time for a Saturday afternoon nap?' When will the watchmakers stop rioting? Will it make all WMD temporarily unusable? Will the universe finally remove us from contact quarantine (the Oppenheimer legacy)?


My mother once called me an overeducated delinquent.

I disagree, you can never have enough education.

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